Thursday, February 16, 2012

Burnett Update 2/16

Yesterday I tweeted that I was going to go live under a rock until something had finally happened with Burnett.

He's not on his way to Pirate City yet, but there have been some noteworthy developments as of today.

-Kevin Davidoff tweeted that the Yanks and Pirates have figured out the players who will go to New York if the Pirates pick up $13MM in salary. They will be "B-level prospects." In other words--no Yankees fans, you aren't getting Gerrit Cole back.

I can't imagine the Pirates would have discussed what players they were willing to give up for $13MM if they didn't plan on paying $13MM. That should be all it takes, so I can't imagine a deal not getting done here.

-Joel Sherman has been tweeting as well. He says that the Yankees have countered the $13MM offer with a sliding scale. The closer the Pirates get to eating $15MM of AJ's contract, the lesser prospects the Pirates will have to give up. Sherman also says it will be a big disappointment if AJ isn't traded before Sunday, he does not expect Burnett to be in Yankee training camp.

Bottomline: It looks like the two teams are making some serious progress here, and I haven't seen anything about a mystery team in a while. It's looking more and more like these teams are closing in on a deal, and though we have heard that for roughly a week now, it seems like they are making actual monetary progress. If I had to make a guess, I'd say a deal might go down late tonight or at some point tomorrow.

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