Thursday, February 23, 2012

Frank....Say it Ain't So

Pirates President Frank Coonelly was arrested on December 22nd for drunk driving. The article from TribLive released today also states that Coonelly was driving on the wrong side of the road, with a BAC at least twice that of the legal limit.

Really Frank? Really?????

I fail to understand why we are just hearing about this today, February 23rd, more than two months after the incident actually happened. Spring training has just gotten underway. This is a time of celebration; a time to look forward to what the new baseball season might bring us.

And now this??

Coonelly won't get a break from Pirates fans. Take a look across the internet, this guy is already being torn apart. It's safe to say that Coonelly wasn't the most popular member of the Pirates' organization previous to this incident; now he'll surely get no breaks. It looks like he will keep his job however, Nutting still believes in his character.

This is an upsetting, untimely (not that there is really ever a great time to say "hey...I got behind the wheel wasted") incident. I wish Frank and his family the best. It can't be easy to explain to your kids why you decided to hop behind a wheel and put lives at risk. As for the Pirates, let's ignore this and prepare for the upcoming season.

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