Friday, February 17, 2012

Burnett Update 2/17

Update 1:23 EST: The Pirates and Yankees have agreed to a deal sending AJ Burnett to Pittsburgh. The Pirates will send two low level minor leaguers, whom apparently are still being debated on. Either way, they will be prospects that aren't considered to be much. The Yankees will send $20MM to the Pirates.


BAM! Ok well it's not final yet.

Buster Olney tweets that the Bucs and Yanks hope to take a proposal to the commissioner's office today. That seems to mean that the negotiating is done. As to how much money the Bucs will pick up and who they will part with, we'll find that out in the coming days. For now though, let's rejoice (or sulk, if you're a Burnett hater); the Pirates got a major league deal done.

No really. The Pirates just traded prospects and cash to the Yankees for an established major league ball player. Yes. Pirates to Yankees. Pirates -----> Yankees.

Look! I already have a picture of Burnett wearing a Pirates hat!!! Yes that's a real picture, don't ask me again.

So we'll continue the waiting game for the next day or so while the two clubs bring the proposal to Bum Selig. I'll be back here with more news when this thing goes official.

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